Drink aware press release

As the leading charity that engages with the public to prevent and reduce the misuse of alcohol, Drinkaware has seen a significant spike in public interest in information on alcohol, particularly regarding Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) that went ‘live’ on 4th January 2022. 

New statistics released by Drinkaware today show that between the 1st and 6th January, Drinkaware’s MUP explainer page attracted almost 18,000 (17,926) page views making it one of Drinkaware’s most sought-after resources over the holiday period. 

Interestingly, consumers also spent longer than normal digesting the information available, with the average time spent on the minimum unit pricing page clocking in at an unprecedented 6mins 55sec, highlighting public appetite to understand the changes afoot. 

In the lead up to the new legislation in the month of December, Drinkaware’s Minimum unit pricing explainer on its social channels reached 620,441 people and received nearly 8,000 website views, revealing how MUP clearly struck a chord with Irish consumers and continues to do so. 

Drinkaware CEO Sheena Horgan said: “Covid has shifted drinking behaviour significantly, for many this means drinking more and for others drinking less. But the pandemic has also pivoted attitudes from being complacent about risky drinking, to actively wanting to know and understand consumption better. 

The 47,000 visits to our website in December alone, and the fact that people spent nearly seven minutes on the MUP page, clearly indicates this genuine interest in accessing easy to understand information on alcohol. Drinkaware has consistently in 2021, and will continue in 2022, to encourage and meet this appetite with non-judgmental, factual information and practical advice and tips to encourage and embed healthier behaviour”. 

Drinkaware welcomes MUP as one important element of the suite of measures in the Public Health Alcohol Act, that will support the prevention and reduction of alcohol-related harm. However, the charity contends that legislation alone cannot deliver the sustainable change with regard to alcohol that Ireland needs, and the public clearly wants. Drinkaware is therefore calling for broader and more inclusive education, and awareness, engagement and information programmes in 2022, as also being essential to the creation of a different relationship and narrative on alcohol.  As part of this, Drinkaware advocates for greater emphasis on helping the public understand what constitutes risky and harmful drinking, and critically, the HSE low-risk weekly guidelines

Click here for more information on the Public Health Alcohol act.