Alcohol Education in Schools

Drinkaware’s public health remit includes tackling underage drinking. We previously ran an Education Programme for Junior Cycle that ran from 2017 - Early 2023.

Alcohol Education Programme for junior cycle

Find out details on the development, aims, objectives and outline of our evidence-informed junior cycle programme.

Maynooth University programme evaluation

Read the aims, objectives and latest findings from Maynooth University's independent evaulation of our junior cycle education programme.

Best practice principles for alcohol education

Explore the range of best practice principles that are required for effective alcohol education in the post-primary setting.

Parent alcohol education workshops

Details on what to expect from our parent workshops, what is covered and how to book for your school or parents' association.

What people said about our work in alcohol education

Feedback from teachers and students who partipicated in the evaluation of our junior cycle programme, and parents who have attended our workshop.

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