How to host mindful events


Hosting a party in your home or planning a workplace social event is a nice way to catch up. Since many people are now exploring sober curious or mindful drinking, consider offering a range of options and alternatives. Put the focus of the event on socialising, not alcohol.


Add alcohol-free options to your shopping list
Non-alcoholic beers, spirits and wine are more widely available - and popular - than ever. Be sure to add these to your list to give your guests more choice.
Provide food and snacks
Offer plenty of food for your guests to eat throughout the night. Don't forget to keep the snacks replenished.
Use a measure for spirits or wine
This will help your guests to know exactly how many drinks they have had over the night. Free pouring makes it really hard to keep track.
Get creative with mocktails
Why not make this an interactive part of your event? And if any children are present, this is a good way to reinforce that alcohol isn't needed to have fun or celebrate.
Encourage your guests to drink water
Keep jugs of water on the table to make this easier. Alcohol can cause dehydration. Plus it makes it easier to space out alcoholic drinks over the night.
Set boundaries for alcohol at workplace events
For work events, line managers should be mindful not to encourage a culture of drinking to excess or binge drinking and share the low-risk guidelines with staff in advance.