Facts about alcohol – Videos

Explore our information videos on the facts about alcohol, its impact and support for parents.

When is it safe to drive the morning after?


How long it takes for your body to process alcohol? What can affect when it is safe to drive the next day? We teamed up with the VFI to share the facts and help to keep our roads safe.
This video is for illustrative purposes and it is important to note that both Liam & Mary have drank 6 or more standard drinks in one sitting, which is binge drinking. Binge drinking (or heavy episodic drinking) is consuming six or more standard drinks in one sitting, usually in a short space of time. This is the equivalent of three pints of cider (568ml), six bottles of lager (330ml) or four glasses of prosecco (150ml). The term ‘binge drinking’ is not a colloquialism, it is a clinical definition used by the HSE and the World Health Organisation. If you want more information on binge drinking visit: https://drinkaware.ie/what-is-binge-drinking/

Talking to your children about alcohol


This video makes it easier to understand the effects of early alcohol use on brain development, physical and mental health.

Talking to your teens about alcohol


This video highlights the impact of alcohol on young people and tips to build strong resilience skills to resist peer pressure to drink alcohol.

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