Using the Drinkaware logo

Drinkaware is the most recognised source of trusted alcohol information in Ireland. The Drinkaware logo is used to direct consumers to our website for clear information about alcohol, its impact on health and wellbeing and evidence-informed practical tools and resources to support positive behaviour change regarding alcohol.

Our logo is a registered trademark. As such, any organisation that would like to use the Drinkaware logo must obtain prior consent from us by entering into a Trademark Licence Agreement. There is a licence cost payable for use of the Drinkaware logo, which varies depending on usage.

We will only enter into a Trademark Licence Agreement with organisations that:

The Drinkaware logo cannot be displayed on:

  • Promotions that encourage consumption above the HSE low-risk weekly alcohol guidelines
  • Imagery or materials that promote the desirability or acceptability of drunkenness
  • Lobbying materials to change alcohol policy

Drinkaware expects its licence holders to use the logo in compliance with the law and voluntary codes. The Drinkaware logo is a prompt for consumers and is not intended to endorse products or brands in any way. Similarly, use of the Drinkaware logo does not absolve an organisation of its responsibilities about alcohol to consumers. Use of the logo is considered best practice. However, it is voluntary and its use is at the discretion of each organisation.

Get in touch

For more information or to register for a logo licence, please email or call us on 01 443 1151.