Our governance

Drinkaware is the national charity working to prevent and reduce alcohol misuse in Ireland, governed by an independent board and regulated by the Charities Regulator. We are committed to maintaining the highest governance and transparency standards.

How we’re accountable

  • Drinkaware is a registered charity in Ireland. Our Registered Charity Number is 20204601. You can read our profile on the Charities Regulator website.

  • Drinkaware’s charitable purpose is ‘to benefit the community by preserving, protecting and promoting public health and socially responsible behaviour by reducing alcohol misuse and related harm.’

  • Drinkaware is governed by an independent voluntary board of directors who oversee our operations and strategic progress. Our board members do not receive remuneration. Currently we have eight board members from the health, education, business, legal and behaviour change communities. Board members are recruited in line with a competency framework that takes account of the company’s mission and values. Read more about our board members
  • Drinkaware confirms that our organisation complies with The Governance Code for the Community, Voluntary and Charitable Sector in Ireland. We review and report on compliance with the Code on an annual basis.

  • Following the announcement of the new Charities Regulator Governance Code for Charities, the Board began a review and training process to prepare for full compliance with and adoption in 2020. Drinkaware will then complete the Compliance Record Form at the end of each year as required by the Charities Regulator.

  • We publish our annual report and audited accounts on our website each year. Download our 2021 Annual Report and Financial Statements (Previous reports, 2020 Annual Report & Financial Statements, 2019 Annual Report and Financial Statements, 2018 Annual Report I 2017 Annual Report I 2016 Annual Report)
  • Our financial statements are prepared in accordance with the Charities Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP) in accordance with FRS 102 (effective January 2015) and the requirements of the Companies Act 2014.

  • Drinkaware is not a lobby group. However, the nature of our work, and in particular our research and demonstrated impact, means that all relevant government departments, ministers and committees should be briefed on evidence-informed behaviour change programmes that are addressing alcohol misuse and harm in Ireland. Therefore in the interests of transparency, Drinkaware is registered with the Register of Lobbyists. You can find our returns on lobbying.ie.
  • Drinkaware’s information is freely available to the public through Benefacts, a non-profit company which aims to transform the accessibility and transparency of Ireland’s non-profit sector. Our Benefacts ID is 2090362 and you can read our profile on benefacts.ie.

Got a question?

Our team is always happy to answer your questions. If you have a query about our governance, please get in touch via info@drinkaware.ie or 01 443 1151.