Reduce drinking at home


Drinking at home is the new norm in Ireland. 61% of all weekly drinking occasions now take place in the home. 

At home, it can be easier to drink a lot of alcohol in a short space of time. You may not intend to do this or realise how much you are really drinking. This is because we are more comfortable, relaxed and don’t have to travel.

This can mean there is a higher chance of binge drinking (six or more standard drinks e.g three cans of beer). You could also reach and even exceed your low-risk weekly guideline much quicker. This increases risks to health and wellbeing including cancer, heart disease and mental health problems. Scroll for some tips for mindful drinking at home.


Use a measure for spirits or wine
Never free pour spirits or wine. "Generous" home measures, top-ups and large glasses make it almost impossible to know how much you are really drinking.
Drink plenty of water
Alcohol causes dehydration. Try to alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water. Keep a jug of water on the table to make this easier.
Downsize your glass
Using a smaller glass can make all the difference. Newer wine and gin glasses can hold huge - and risky - amounts of alcohol.
Stock up on non-alcoholic alternatives
There are so many low and no-alcohol wines, spirits and beers available these days. So it’s a great time to make the swap to an alcohol-free alternative.
Avoid topping up glasses
Finish one drink before pouring another. This will help you to keep track of how much you're drinking over the course of the night.
Make sure to eat before you drink
Always provide food if you are hosting a small gathering of friends or family in your home or garden. And keep the snacks replenished.
Break your habits at home
If your normal night in includes a drink or two in front of the TV, consider doing something different. You might enjoy going for a walk, calling a friend or checking in with a neighbour.
Don't keep alcohol in the house
Try not to keep alcohol in the house all the time. If you do, keep it out of the way in a cupboard and out of sight of children.