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It is not easy to separate fact from fiction when it comes to underage drinking. Fear not! We’re here to quash some of the more commonly believed myths once and for all.

1 drinking at home

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2 The earlier the better

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3 Being permissive

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4 Supplying alcohol to young people

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5 It’s not the right time

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The help you need to start the conversation.

Parents are a key source of alcohol education and role modelling for young people. We’re here to help with the facts, tips and tools you need.


How to approach different ages

Watch the videos below to learn the best way to start a positive conversation about alcohol with your children.


Talking to your children about alcohol

Video for ages 10-14

This video makes it easier to understand the effects of early alcohol use on brain development, physical and mental health.

Talking to your teens about alcohol

Video for ages 15+

This video highlights the impact of alcohol on young people and tips to build strong resilience skills to resist peer pressure to drink alcohol.

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