How to drink less on nights out


Between celebrations with friends and family or work parties, it can sometimes feel like there is no shortage of opportunities for a night out.

With restrictions lifted, there are nights out to enjoy again. This doesn’t mean you have to drink alcohol. But if you decide to, here are some tips to help you to drink less on your next night out.


Stay out of rounds
You may end up drinking more than you intended. This is because the person who drinks the fastest will set the pace of each round for everyone in the group. If you end up in a round, opt for a no-alcohol drink instead or sit one out.
Have a no-alcohol drink instead of your usual
There are lots of low and no-alcohol beers, wines and spirits to choose from so it’s a great time to make the swap.
Downsize your drink
Usually drink a pint? Order a bottle instead. For wine, ask how many mls are in the house measure. If the pub serves small quarter bottles of wine, remember that this contains two standard drinks, not one.
Make a plan for getting home before you go out
Any amount of alcohol will impair your ability to drive or cycle. It takes one hour to process one standard drink so the time of your last drink will affect when it is safe to drive the next day. Pedestrians should also be careful when walking after drinking alcohol.
Set yourself a limit on a night out
Plan ahead and think about how many drinks you intend to have. Keeping this number in mind will help you keep track and stick to it. You can always switch to water, a soft drink or alcohol-free beer when you reach your limit.
Ditch the post-work pints
If midweek nights out after work are becoming the norm, it could be time to make a change. You'll have more energy and be more productive at work.
Always make sure to eat
Before you have your first drink, have a proper meal. Drinking alcohol on an empty stomach means the alcohol will pass directly into your bloodstream. This leaves you more vulnerable to becoming intoxicated and at increased risk of harm.
Alternate each drink with water
This will help to space out the alcoholic drinks you consume. If you feel thirsty, drink some water instead of alcohol.