Men’s Health Week

This week marks International Men’s Health Week. This week aims to highlight health issues for men and boys, and to encourage men and boys to make healthier lifestyle choices. This year’s theme is ‘MISSION: isPOSSIBLE’ and the call to men is: ‘The Action Starts with You.’ Drinkaware is here to provide support, with tips, advice and resources which help enable positive behaviour change. 

Only 2% of men are aware of the HSE low-risk weekly guidelines (Drinkaware Barometer 2021). Being aware of and understanding the low-risk weekly alcohol guidelines is a great first step in providing yourself with the information you need to make healthier decisions regarding alcohol.

In a positive trend, the Drinkaware annual Barometer for 2021 saw 37% of men have made small positive changes to their drinking habits in 2021. Why not use this Men’s Health Week to join them on their positive change journey?

This Men’s Health Week, Drinkaware invites all men to continue this trend by learning about alcohol and its impacts. 

Why Drink Less 

There are many benefits to drinking less, or cutting out alcohol altogether: 

Men’s Health Week concludes with Father’s Day. Taking active steps to improve your health can not only increase your capacity to spend time with your children but inspire them to look after their health in the future. 

How to Drink Less 

Changing your drinking habits can feel like an overwhelming task. Ireland’s social culture can often be dominated by alcohol, but you can forge a new path. Drinkaware has some easy and practical ways to drink less

  • Learn what a standard drink is and what the HSE low-risk weekly guidelines are. This will provide you with the knowledge you need to improve your health.
  • Switch to alcohol-free alternatives. Sometimes in social settings, we feel pressured to drink something. With more alcohol-free alternatives available now than ever before, this could be the perfect choice. 
  • Alternate each alcoholic drink with a glass of water. Alcohol dehydrates you. Having a glass of water not only helps you to rehydrate, but also slows down your drinking. This can help you stay with the HSE low-risk weekly guidelines
  • Remove alcohol from your shopping list. It is easier to not drink at home when there is no alcohol in the press. 
  • Practice mindful drinking. This is a technique that allows you to understand how alcohol makes you feel. 

The mission to improve your health and your relationship with alcohol is possible. This Men’s Health week and beyond, Drinkaware is here to provide support with tips, advice and resources which can help enable positive behaviour change now and for the future.