International Day of Families

The International Day of Families is a celebration of the importance of families. Family is at the cornerstone of society. The first group we belong to is our family, no matter how big or small that is. What we learn and experience there from the time we are born can impact our beliefs, attitudes, values, and behaviour for the remainder of our lives. People see the world as they themselves are or have been conditioned to be.  

Family Needs

Every family situation is unique with unique needs, while at the same time bearing similarities to families in general. While there is no such thing as “the perfect family” a nurturing family enables its members to enjoy being together, to have a shared sense of values and beliefs and the focus is on “we” rather than “me.” Creating a warm, caring supportive environment is a core task of parenting. The example you set, as an adult, in the family, impacts relationships and what you are teaching your child. You cannot, not role model, as your children will see your example, be it positive or negative, for the way life is to be lived.  

The International Day of Families is an opportunity to reflect on issues that may affect the family, including alcohol misuse. A person doesn’t need to be dependent on alcohol for it to negatively affect family life.  

Parents As Positive Role Models

As a parent, you are a key influencer in a young person’s decision to drink or not and are a powerful role model of alcohol related behaviours to your child. As a parent or caregiver, are you happy with the way you are living out your role in the family? Are you being a positive role-model to others in your family. Are you empowering the young people in your family to make positive decisions in the future? 

Being a positive adult in family life isn’t always easy. Drinkaware is here to support you with some practical tips and actions: 

  • If you wish to cut down or cut out alcohol, find our tips here

Parents Hub

Drinkaware believes that alcohol has no place in childhood. Visit our Parents Hub for advice and support in making this belief a reality.