Have A Merry, Mindful Christmas

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and you might be planning on hosting get-together this festive season so keep reading to discover some tips and advice on how to host a merry and mindful Christmas gathering*.   

With more and more people in Ireland exploring sober-curious and mindful drinking, why not try to have a merry yet mindful festive gathering this Christmas. Drinkaware is providing some tips for people when planning a festive get-together.   

Think of SANTA to prepare with Drinkaware’s top tips for event hosting this Christmas:   

Serve food.  

From mince pies to gingerbread men, don’t forget to keep the Christmas snacks replenished! Eating while drinking alcohol helps to slow down how much you drink, but also slows down how quickly alcohol is absorbed into your body. Your guests won’t feel the impact of the alcohol as quickly as they would if they were drinking and not eating.   

Accurately measure.  

Free-pouring drinks can lead to drinking above the HSE low-risk guidelines for alcohol. The guidelines state that men should have no more than 17 standard drinks spread out over the week with two alcohol-free days and that women should have no more than 11 standard drinks over the week with two alcohol-free days. Order a free measuring cup to help your guests keep track of what they drink. 


An increasing number of your favourite drinks have a non-alcoholic alternative. Get the taste without the alcohol, and offer these drinks at your party! They’re becoming more popular than ever. Leave one out for Santa, as he should never drink alcohol and drive a sleigh of reindeer. Guests can also make a safe journey home with no alcohol in their system.  

Tap water.  

It’s free and it’s essential! Give your guests some water so that they can stay hydrated. Keep a jug of water close to hand and make sure it’s topped up with water throughout the event. Alternating each drink with a glass of water is a great way to cut down on how much you drink.   

Alcohol-free Activities.  

Create some fun this Christmas without drinking. Why not stock up on nostalgic family favourite games? Monopoly, Mario Party, Cluedo, and charades can bring your guests together this festive season.   

A Christmas party with less alcohol doesn’t mean less fun, and drinking this Christmas doesn’t mean you have to be less safe. Learn more about the HSE low-risk weekly alcohol guidelines and information on what a standard drink is so you can make informed decisions around your alcohol use over the festive season.

Have a merry, mindful Christmas!