Drinkaware welcomes new measures to tackle alcohol advertising around young people

Drinkaware logo

​​​​​​The national charity for the prevention and reduction of alcohol misuse and underage drinking in Ireland, Drinkaware, has today (12 November 2019) welcomed new measures aimed at tackling alcohol advertising around young people that come into effect today.

The rules – under the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018 – will prevent drinks companies from promoting their products near schools, playgrounds or on public transport; as well as stopping alcohol advertising in cinemas for films under the age 18 classification. The PHAA measures also ban children’s clothing that promotes alcohol through slogans, imagery or other.

Commenting today, CEO of Drinkaware Sheena Horgan said: “Our Drinkaware Index shows that the age of the first alcohol drink is getting younger, and primary prevention is fundamental to delay the first drink.  The more we reduce children’s exposure to alcohol the more we negate the current social norm regarding alcohol. 

Legislators’ management of the environment through the Public Health (Alcohol) Act is an important part of this. But sustainable change needs a collective approach. We need to look at all aspects of the environment including the ones we can control ourselves such as children’s exposure to alcohol in the community and in the home. We know that 61% of drinking occasions happen in the home, and that 27% of first drinks are provided by a parent or relative, so we need to redress that.”