Benefits of Being Sober at a Festival and Packing Checklist

It’s festival season, which means great music, welly boots and unforgettable experiences. If you are heading to a music festival this summer, why not try going sober? Explore the benefits of going sober at a festival and check out our essential packing checklist.

Improved Hydration

You are going to be up and out for most of the day, going to the live acts, exploring the grounds, and having fun. Keep sipping away on water through out the day to keep you hydrated and energised. If you do decide to drink, remember to keep drinking water. Alcohol has a diuretic effect which can make you need to go to the toilet more. Because of this, you become dehydrated. If you are drinking alcohol, stay hydrated and switch every second drink for a bottle of water.

Better decision-making 

Drinking alcohol can impair your judgment, which makes it difficult to make rational decisions. Staying sober at a music festival allows you to make better choices, such as choosing a safe mode of transportation or avoiding dangerous situations. 

More memorable experiences 

Alcohol can cloud your memory, making it difficult to remember the amazing experiences you had at the music festival. Staying sober allows you to fully immerse yourself in the music and atmosphere, creating long-lasting, unforgettable memories with your friends.  

Less Time Queueing

No one likes standing in a queue and if you don’t drink at a festival, you are not wasting your time constantly queueing for drinks or the toilet.  

You Won’t Have ‘The Fear’ 

There are loads of other events you can go see at festivals like live podcasts, exercise classes and comedy shows. Most of the time, these are on during the day, but a lot of people miss these as they are trying to catch up on sleep from the night before. When you are sober at a festival, you are not going to wake up with the fear. Alcohol can heighten feelings of anxiety and depression the day after consuming alcohol. When you don’t drink you can go to more events and explore the festival during the day as you are not feeling the effects of alcohol. 

Packing Checklist:

Now we know the benefits of going sober at a festival, grab a pen and some paper for your packing checklist as these are things you don’t want to forget.

Pack Your Wellies

If you are going to a music festival in Ireland, you know we can get all 4 seasons in the one day. So, bring your wellies, a raincoat and some sun cream. If you are going to an overnight festival, don’t forget your tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mat and a plastic bag to put your wet clothes into.

Know What a Standard Drink Is  

A standard drink is a measure of alcohol which contains 10 grams of pure alcohol. Standard drinks are used as a measure to help people understand how much alcohol is consumed in a given drink. Common examples include a half pint of 4.5% lager, 100ml glass of 12.5% wine and pub measure of 40% spirits. Remember that 1 pint of beer is 2 standard drinks.

Bring Snacks

Bring some snacks like granola bars or fruit. These will keep your energy levels up so you can enjoy all your favourite artists. Pack them in a small bag or a cross body bag. This way, you can carry them around all day while also keeping your hands free.  

Never Drink & Drive  

If you do decide to drink at the festival, remember the drink driving laws in Ireland. Any amount of alcohol will impair your ability to drive even the day after drinking. Use our drinks calculator to tell you how many standard drinks you have consumed. It will also give you and estimated time of how long it will take your body to process 1 standard drink. If you feel tired, sick or in any way unwell to drive, don’t. Remember that common myths like showering, eating a big breakfast, exercising, or drinking coffee and energy drinks will not process alcohol any faster. Only time will process the alcohol.  

Bring a Reusable Water Bottle

Bring a reusable water bottle with you so you can fill it up and drink it throughout the day. You are going to be on your feet all day, singing, dancing, and exploring so it is so important to stay hydrated.  

What to Do if You Get Lost or Separated?  

It is important to remember that yes, while music festivals are fun they are also a vulnerable environment. You could get separated from your friends, not remember where your tent is or get lost. However, know that you know this, you can prepare. Agree with your friends a spot to go to if someone gets lost or separated. This means that if you do get lost, your friends know where they can come find you. Keep your phone charged, there are generally charging ports at most festivals, but you can always bring a portable charger. There are also so many staff at music festivals, if you do get lost, feel unsafe or unwell, go to them and they will help you.  

Now that you know the benefits of going sober at a festival and also have your packing checklist, why not try them out at the next festival you go to?