What people said about our work in alcohol education

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An amazing programme with fantastic research behind it - massively needed in today’s society for young and old. My students were extremely engaged, and it should be embraced by all schools.

Teacher, Galway - Maynooth University evaluation

I would highly recommend this programme to other teachers. It was a great success with my class. Both myself and the students enjoyed the activities and discussions.

Teacher, Leitrim - Maynooth University evaluation

Students were engaged throughout each lesson/task. They willingly participated and seemed to have many questions answered for them.

Teacher - Maynooth University evaluation

Excellent Programme, well organised that is current and contemporary, all ready to implement and fantastic training.

Teacher, Athlone - Maynooth University evaluation

The AEP will definitely have an impact and hopefully change the culture of alcohol which shapes so much of our young people’s social lives and identity.

Teacher - Maynooth University evaluation

The training day was exceptional. It was brilliant, engaging and informative.

Teacher, Dublin - Maynooth University evaluation

The facts were interesting, and I am really glad we got the chance to do it because it means that everyone is more aware.

Student, Maynooth University evaluation

I now know not to start drinking at a young age because it can affect your body, and it could affect the rest of your life.

Student, Maynooth University evaluation

I am definitely not going to drink at a young age.

Student, Maynooth University evaluation

If we didn’t do this course, we would never know about the effects of alcohol. It is so important to know about peer pressure and alcohol.

Student, Maynooth University evaluation

Parent workshops

Delighted I came to this. Great to get the detail on what is the limit on binge drinking, ages at which drink is introduced and approaches to take with your child. Lots of things I didn’t realise about alcohol and measures.

Parent, Mayo

Very informative and so helpful. It should be compulsory for every very parent to attend this workshop.

Parent, Maynooth

The main message I took from workshop is awareness of the dangers alcohol can cause, especially future health issues.

Parent, Dublin

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