What We Do

Drinkaware's work is focussed on three key areas: tackling underage drinking, reducing alcohol misuse and supporting alcohol education. We are proactively working towards two long-term goals, linked to achieving our vision of an Ireland where alcohol is not misused. Our goals are to:

  • Delay the age at which young people in Ireland have their first drink.
  • Reduce the number of adults who drink above the HSE low-risk guidelines.

Tackling underage drinking

Drinkaware recognises that parents are key ‘gatekeepers’ of adolescent behaviour and should be an integral part of any campaign aimed at reducing underage drinking. Through our Parents’ Campaign, we provide research and practical tools to support parents to have timely, informed conversations about alcohol with their children while encouraging them, as role models, to consider their own drinking habits.

What we offer

  • Research: To inform our work in this area, we have to date conducted two pieces of national research. The aim of this research was to gauge parental understanding of the risks associated with children drinking alcohol; establish if parents are having conversations about alcohol with their children and if they access information prior to this; and develop a national picture on parental rules on children and alcohol. Read our parent research reports
  • Website: We provide an evidence-informed, dedicated information hub on our website to provide parents with facts, advice and strategies to start the conversation about alcohol with their young people. Visit our Parent Page
  • Workshops: Our one-hour interactive workshop is facilitated by the Drinkaware team and is currently free of charge. Each parent in attendance receives a copy of our Your Children and Alcohol and Young People, Alcohol and Mental Health booklets.
    The workshop features:
    • the latest research about young people and alcohol in Ireland;
    • strategies parents can use to start the conversation about alcohol;
    • age appropriate advice for parents to continue to conversation; and
    • advice for parents on being role models, boundaries, consequences and active communication.
  • Resources: We have produced two booklets to support parents. Your Children and Alcohol contains facts, advice and age-appropriate strategies to ensure that parents have the information they need to have this important conversation. Our research found that parents place great importance on including the link between early alcohol use and mental health however they were less confident on speaking about this than any other issue. To respond to this identified need, our second parent booklet – Young People, Alcohol and Mental Health – is now available.

How can you get involved?

  • Order a Parent Pack right here on our website. Each pack contains a copy of our two parent booklets in addition to our Standard Drink measure cup, Drinks, Calorie and Sugar Calculator wheel and Alcohol and You booklet. Order a Parent Pack now
  • Book a parent workshop for your school or parents’ association. For more information or to book a workshop, email info@drinkaware.ie or phone us on 01 443 1151.

Reducing alcohol misuse

We work to educate consumers on standard drink measures, the HSE low-risk guidelines and the effects of alcohol on health and wellbeing to support informed decisions, with a view to reducing alcohol consumption.

What we offer

  • Research: To inform our work in this area, we have to date conducted three pieces of national research. The aim of this research was to establish the attitudes of the general population in Ireland towards alcohol, health and wellbeing and to provide a benchmark for knowledge of the HSE low-risk guidelines.
  • Website: As the most trusted source of alcohol information in Ireland, we provide an evidence-informed, up-to-date and comprehensive website to support people to make informed decisions about their drinking. Our website contains the facts about alcohol, information on how it can affect health and wellbeing, user-friendly tools (including our Drinks Calculator) to help people understand their drinking and practical tips to support people in their efforts to drink less.
  • Resources: We produced our range of health promotion resources to ensure detailed information about alcohol and practical tools to reduce consumption are readily available to anyone who chooses to drink. Our popular Standard Drink measure cup is a useful aide for pouring accurate measures instead of free pouring, which can lead to consuming a higher volume of alcohol often unintentionally. The Drinks Calculator shows the standard drink, grams of alcohol, calorie and sugar content of the most common types of alcohol.
  • Workplace Wellness: The aim of our programme is to provide employees with the facts about alcohol and its impact on health and wellbeing, so they can make informed decisions about their drinking. Employers can choose from several options including a one-hour interactive workshop facilitated by the Drinkaware team. Read more about our Workplace Wellness Programme

How can you get involved?

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