We are Drinkaware

We are Drinkaware

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Drinkaware is a not-for-profit organisation, governed by a board of independent directors. 

Our vision is of an Ireland where alcohol is not misused. Our mission is to work with others to fundamentally and permanently change attitudes and behaviours so that drinking to excess and drinking underage become unacceptable. 

We will do this by raising awareness, creating understanding and supporting behaviour change through evidence-led education and effective communications. 

In 2015, we changed our strategy, our governance and our structure.

We are ambitious for our new strategy and determined to make a difference.  We firmly believe that our contribution will play an important role in helping prevent future generations of people in Ireland from misusing alcohol.

Our governance

The Drinkaware board is voluntary, independent, and is responsible for the strategic direction and oversight of Drinkaware. They have been selected for their expertise and experience relevant to our mission.

Current board members are:

Our strategy

Achieving an Ireland where alcohol is not misused will require many organisations countrywide contributing in different ways. It will require legislation, regulation, enforcement and education to help create this change. 

For our part, over the next three years, we will principally focus on:

  • Delivering regular targeted public information campaigns focused on raising awareness about alcohol-related harm and changing behaviour in relation to alcohol consumption
  • Supporting parents to have informed, timely conversations with their children about alcohol
  • Working in partnership with experts to develop educational resources focused on delaying young people’s decision to drink alcohol and reducing alcohol misuse in future generations.

Drinkaware’s strategy is in alignment with current government initiatives to reduce alcohol misuse.

We have a formal collaboration agreement with the UK Drinkaware Trust so we can share research, learning and resources in order to reduce alcohol misuse and alcohol-related harm using a similar model in Ireland. The Drinkaware Trust is an independent UK-wide, public-facing body with the objective of positively changing public behaviour and the national drinking culture to help reduce alcohol misuse and minimise alcohol-related harm.

Our funders

We are actively seeking new funders and partners, from within and outside of the alcohol industry, and intend to grow our funding base considerably over the coming years. 

We are currently funded by voluntary donations from:

  • Diageo
  • Edward Dillon
  • Findlater Wines
  • Heineken
  • Irish Distillers Pernod Ricard
  • Molson Coors
  • William Grant and Sons

Our board has clear codes in place to ensure that our source of funding does not compromise our operational independence.

As we commence implementation of our new strategy, we aim to work collaboratively with many organisations that share our objectives. 

If you are interested in finding out more, to explore our work further or simply to make contact please call Niamh Gallagher, CEO, on 01 517 5900.