June Bank Holiday Weekend Advice

June Bank Holiday Weekend Advice

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According to our most recent research, half of people surveyed have proactively taken steps to reduce their alcohol consumption. Ahead of the June Bank Holiday weekend, we are encouraging people to be mindful of their alcohol intake and help to make this weekend a safe one for all.

Drinkaware Chief Medical Officer, Dr Liam Twomey said:

"While I am encouraged to see that half of people surveyed have already taken positive steps to change their drinking habits and that 1 in 3 people in Ireland would like to drink alcohol less often, the Drinkaware research revealed trends which are worrying, but not surprising. Bank holiday weekends are a prime time for alcohol misuse and for binge drinking episodes. Even when people aren’t ‘drinking to get drunk’, we see evidence of all-day drinking at parties, BBQs or family gatherings. Even drinking moderately over a long period of time can amount to excessive drinking when calculated over the whole weekend.

I see it in my own general practice, people are often not aware of how much they are drinking, regardless of the setting, but this is particularly the case if alcohol is consumed at home. Simple tools like our Standard Drink Measure Cup or online Drinks Calculator make it easier for people to understand their drinking habits and provides an accessible way to proactively manage their own drinking. I would encourage everyone to use these tools to monitor and track their alcohol use, in the same way as they might monitor calories and exercise."

Here are three things to keep in mind this weekend:

Keep track

Drinking alcohol at any level can increase the risk of damage to your health and wellbeing but this risk rises the more you drink. Keep track and always stick to the HSE low-risk guidelines for alcohol consumption. Remember, these are guidelines - not a target.

  • 11 standard drinks (110g pure alcohol) spread out over the week for women, with at least two alcohol-free days
  • 17 standard drinks (170g pure alcohol) spread out over the week for men, with at least two alcohol-free days

Try out our drinks calculator 

Think before you drive the next day

An Garda Síochána figures show that 1 in 10 driving under the influence arrests are made between 8am and 2pm, with a peak on Sundays.

The time of your last drink at night will affect when it is safe for you to drive the following day so there could still be alcohol in your system the morning after drinking. It takes your body one hour to process one standard drink and there’s no quick fix. Nothing you can do will help to remove alcohol from your body any quicker, only time.

This weekend, plan ahead and arrange an alternative way to travel the following day. Never EVER drink and drive.

Drink less, feel better

The good news is, reducing how much you drink is easier than you might think. This long weekend, why not try out some of these some quick and easy ways to do just that?

  • Always use a measure: never free-pour spirits. Order a free Standard Drink Measure Cup
  • Try to avoid rounds as you may end up drinking a lot more than you had intended.
  • Always finish one glass of wine before pouring another. Topping up your glass can make it harder to track how much drink.
  • Alternate each drink with water to reduce the dehydration associated with both alcohol and warmer temperatures.