Be safe this New Year’s Eve

Be safe this New Year’s Eve

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With New Year's Eve festivities set to kick off today across the country, we urge people to remember that any amount of alcohol will affect your ability to drive safely. There is no way around this; it is a scientific fact. Never ever drink and drive.

A recent report from the Road Safety Authority (RSA) found that alcohol is a contributory factor in 38% of fatal crashes in the lead up to Christmas. Another analysis of preliminary Garda data from 2008-2016 reveals that a total of 292 road users were killed in the months of November and December. Road fatalities were more prevalent on Sundays (21%) and the most dangerous time of day on Sundays was midnight-6am. These figures are nothing less than shocking. People are drink driving. The issue has not gone away but it is avoidable. If you decide to drink alcohol tonight, here are some tips you might consider.

Plan how you're getting home

Book a taxi ahead of time or get one on the night. Also, make sure you are up to speed with public transport times. Here are just a few: LuasDublin Bus and Irish Rail.

Gift a lift

Could you or any of your friends be the designated driver? Visit to download your voucher or QR code for a free soft drink and to get a full list of participating licensed trade venues nationwide.

Think before you drive on new year's day

The time of your last drink at night will affect when it is safe for you to drive the following day so there could still be alcohol in your system the morning after drinking. It takes your body one hour to process one standard drink and there’s no quick fix. One standard drink is a half pint of beer, stout or lager, small glass of wine (100ml) or a pub measure of spirits (35.5ml). There is nothing you can do to remove alcohol from your body any quicker, only time.

Be safe this New Year's Eve

You can help to make sure this New Year's Eve is a safe one by choosing not to drink and drive. If you decide to drink tonight, it is a good idea to keep track of how much alcohol you drink. Our latest research showed that less than 3% of Irish adults can correctly identify the HSE low-risk guidelines for alcohol consumption. Drinking above these guidelines can increase your risk of damage to your health. Keep track and always stick to the low-risk guidelines for alcohol consumption. Remember, these are guidelines - not a target. The low-risk guidelines are:

  • 11 standard drinks (110g pure alcohol) spread out over the week for women, with at least two alcohol-free days
  • 17 standard drinks (170g pure alcohol) spread out over the week for men, with at least two alcohol-free days

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